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Grey's Lady

Grey's Lady - Natasha Blackthorne Beth McConnell is a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. When she spies Grey Sexton, she doesn't hesitate to approach him and let him know that she is interested. Grey is first taken aback by Beth's forwardness but quickly gives into the attraction the leads to them to a hot sexy romp in his carriage. Beth has no intention of seeing or sleeping with Grey again but he has other ideas.Grey's Lady is 65 pages of sexy awesomeness. Grey and Beth have great chemistry and their sex scenes are scorching hot! I wish the story was longer so that I could see more development of the romance between the two. The character development is wonderful. We understand why Beth is hesitant to get into a relationship with Grey. She doesn't want to be his mistress and be under his control. Her desire is to come and go as she pleases; have sex with him on her schedule. Grey is sexy and is used to being the one to call the shots. I enjoyed Grey trying to find his equilibrium when he is with Beth. She constantly threw him off kilter with her stubborness and forwardness.Grey's Lady was an enjoyable read and a good erotic historical romance. I look forward to reading more from this author.C