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Assume The Position

Assume The Position - T.C. Lee I decided to read this book after seeing some hilarious tweets from Smexy Books while she was reading it. This book is hard to review because there were parts that were very hot and sexy and other parts that had me rolling my eyes and laughing. Regan is supposed to be 27 years old but she has the maturity of a 17 year old. She is naive and immature but for some reason Alex is drawn to her. Perhaps it is her perceived "innocence". They get it on in an alley after just meeting and don't use a condom. But don't worry, she's on the pill so she's protected. *insert eye roll here* They don't know two shits about each other but had unprotected sex. Strike one. I hate stories that don't address condom use and the consequences of not using condoms. Alex apparently has a Monster-sized Penis and after tearing up his first girlfriend so bad that she required 4 stitches, he's never fully been inside a woman since. Oh and Alex likes it rough, real rough. Strike Two. The monster penis is definitely a turn off and when he was telling the story of what happened with his first girlfriend, I laughed instead of feeling bad for him (which I think was what I was supposed to be feeling). I don't find ginormous penises sexy. And another thing that popped into my mind, if his penis is that big, wouldn't he have problems finding pants that fit? I would think that would be an issue. Strike Three - the murder subplot. Totally unnecessary. A different avenue could have been used to bring Alex and Regan together. All in all, it was a fun read where I spent a couple of hours being entertained (and not in a good way). Again, it's very steamy and the sex scenes are the saving grace of this novella. Hence the two star rating. There were also formatting issues that made it sometimes difficult to read and the POV changes mid paragraph/scene had me re-reading parts to figure out who was talking. All I have to say is I'm glad I borrowed it using Kindle Lendle.