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Keeping Secret: Secret McQueen Series, Book 5

Keeping Secret - Sierra Dean I love this series to death but Keeping Secret nearly gave me a coronary. I had a feeling I wasn't going to like the events that take place in this book and I was right. It's bad enough that Secret is marrying that werewolf King but Secret, in my opinion, does some really idiotic things in this book that had me so frustrated with her by the end. I do know one thing, I'm tired of the love triangle (sometimes quadrangle when Holden is feeling frisky). Firmly on the side of Team Desmond/Team Lime, Keeping Secret completely did me in. I don't know where Secret or Lucas, Desmond or Holden go from here. I'm a little scared to find out.As Secret prepares to wed Lucas Rain, someone is out to kill her. It must be Tuesday because that's nothing new. While being the blushing bride and trying to find out who's out to get her, Secret is summoned by her uncle to visit his territory in Louisiana. In a show of solidarity and to get her uncle's approval, Secret and Lucas head to Louisiana. There, Secret is kidnapped by the werewolf version of "Deliverance", becomes acquainted with family she never knew she had and finally takes a step towards accepting her werewolf half. A lot happens in Keeping Secret and Ms. Dean keeps us entertained and on our toes.What I love about Secret is that she kicks major ass, she's snarky and she's an all around bad ass. I've noticed that once she became soul-bonded with Lucas and Desmond, Secret lost a little bit of her edge. Some of it came back in this book but I still miss the Secret we were introduced to in book 1. The one thing that bothered me since book 3 is how Secret accepts what Lucas tells her at face value. She'll question for a hot second and then all Lucas has to do is say "trust me" or look at her sexually and she gives in. I'm ready for Secret to stand her ground. In book 3, she realized that Lucas is not only the werewolf King but he's also the King of Half Truths and Lies. Why she continues to let him run roughshod all over her is beyond me. Regardless of whether or not what they are doing is good for the pack, she needs to stand up to him and demand to know everything up front. Not at the last minute, when it's a matter of life and death and she can't make an informed decision.Secret also isn't making the best decisions either judging by how Keeping Secret ended. I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall and scream. I feel like the romance issue won't be resolved any time soon and I don't know how I feel about that. Yes, I do. I hate it. I'm ready for Secret to fly solo and just do her job and continue to mentor Brittany and just be a bad ass with no men to distract her. I don't expect an immediate HEA but the romance is tiring. I don't like Lucas - obviously. Desmond is my man and I think he needs to move on. Secret does not deserve him. I don't care if she loves him or not because she does not put him first and when his feelings are hurt and he reacts, she has the nerve to be mad at him. What does she expect? You can only be jerked around for so long before you're tired of being on someone's leash. I really don't have any feelings about Holden. He's a good friend and I think that it needs to stay that way. Trust a man to ruin a great friendship with sex.Once again, Sierra Dean managed to stress me the hell out while reading this book. I still love this series but I think Secret needs a swift kick in the arse and a reality check so that she can get her shizz together. There's only so much I can take. I can't wait to see where the next book takes us.