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Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann 2.5I love Lisa McMann's Wake Trilogy so when I heard she written a new YA Paranormal, Cryer's Cross, I knew I had to get my hands on it!I don't know what to think about Cryer's Cross. The story started off great with the disappearance of Tracy and then Nico (no spoiler. His disappearance is mentioned in the book summary). Kendall is trying to deal with her grief and OCD while trying to figure out what happened to Nico. She is suspicious of the new kid in town, Jacian. Jacian and his family moved to Cryer's Cross when Tiffany disappeared. The first thing that bothered me was Kendall's obsession with believing that Jacian had something to do with the disappearances. He'd given her no reason to believe that he was dangerous or violent. He had major attitude but other than that, I couldn't understand why she was so set on believing he was guilty even though the sheriff told her that Jacian was innocent. Once Kendall got over her preconceived notions of Jacian, Kendall and Jacian slowly became friends. They bonded over the love of soccer and Jacian was the only kid who noticed Kendall's secret, her OCD. Instead of pushing her away or making her feel ostracized, he was understanding. As their friendship grew, it started turning into something more.Cryer's Cross is only 240 pages and the majority of those pages were dedicated to Kendall and her budding relationship with Jacian. This book is described as a Paranormal but the PNR aspects were greatly missing. What kept me reading was I wanted to find out what happened to these kids. When we finally got to what was causing the disappearances (where only 2 kids disappeared. I thought there'd be more) the big reveal was laughable and had scratching my head in confusion. Cryer's Cross would have been better if the paranormal aspect of the book had more build-up. I almost forgot that there was a mystery that needed to be solved. The ending was too neat and quick. Everything was wrapped up in the last 30 pages or so. I had such high expectations for this book but was sorely disappointed.