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Sweet as Sin

Sweet as Sin - Inez Kelley Sweet as Sin is the first book I've read by Inez Kelley. There was a lot of buzz on twitter and rave reviews that had my interest piqued.John Murphy is a writer. There are demons from his past that he can not shake. Livvy owns a bakery shop. Her little sister is getting married and Livvy's clock is steadily ticking away. When Livvy meets her new neighbor, John, the attraction is instant. Livvy decides, on the advice of her sister, to have a fling with her handsome neighbor. John is more than willing to oblige; he's the fling expert. He doesn't do relationships. But the more John and Livvy are in each other's company, the idea of just a fling melts away.Sweet as Sin is an intense read. John is a very dark and wounded man. What happened to him as a child has forever marked him; literally and figuratively. He tries to keep the darkness at bay but the more he's around Livvy and his feelings for her change, he lashes out. There are times where John is so cruel to Livvy that I cringed while reading the scene. He can be a truly unlikable character. But John is also a caring person. We see glimpses of that when he's with his nephews and his sister. He's loving and protective. He is open to their love. John never expected to fall in love with Livvy. He didn't want love and doesn't think he is deserving of love. He feels like his love is poisonous. Usually, when declaration of love is made, things get better. Not for John and Livvy. The demons that John tries to hide rise to the surface. Livvy wants to be there to help him and support him but John pushes her away with cruel words and actions.Livvy is a wonderful, strong female character. I loved how she wouldn't let John go without a fight. She was willing to stick by his side and fight with him. When John was mean and cruel, instead of tucking tail and running away, Livvy pushed back and fought for him and their relationship. There were times where John went way over the line. When this happened, Livvy still maintained her dignity and strength.Sweet as Sin is an emotionally charged and powerful story. There are sexy and sensual moments throughout the book but the majority of the plot is dark and gritty. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows for John and Livvy. Their journey is not pretty and it's not easy. They have to get past some huge emotional hurdles before they are both truly healed.Have a box of tissues nearby. You're going to need them!