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Savor the Danger

Savor the Danger - Lori Foster I have to start off by saying this is my favorite book of the series. When we were introduced to Jackson in Trace of Fever where he had an integral role in the plot surrounding Trace and Priscilla, I knew that his book was going to be GOOD! And it was.Jackson Savor is strong, sexy and cocky. He's had his eye on Alani, Trace's sister, for a while. Even though Alani is still recovering from being kidnapped, she is aware of the attraction between her and Jackson. There's one thing...or person, that could possibly stand in their way. Alanis' brother, Trace. When Jackson wakes up to find a naked Alani in his bed, he can't believe his eyes. It's a dream come true. Too bad he doesn't remember any of it.Savor the Danger was an excellent read from start to finish. I loved the sexual tension and banter between Alani and Jackson. Jackson is a man who isn't afraid to say what is on his mind, no matter or risque or inappropriate it may be."C'mon Alani. If I got a hummer, I'd really like to know."And he says this in a grocery store! The sexual tension between Jackson and Alani continued throughout the book; it never let up. Jackson and Alani are obviously physically attracted to each other, but their feelings for each other go deeper than that; neither one knows quite how to deal with those feelings. Because Jackson doesn't remember their night together, Alani feels like their relationship needs a do-over and they need to start from scratch. Jackson isn't too happy with the idea but he goes along with it because he wants to prove to Alani that, yes he wants her, but his feelings for her go beyond the physical.Despite Alani's past, she was no shrinking violet. I expected her to be huddled in a corner when danger would pop up but she held her own. Despite wanting to be kept in the loop and wanting to be part of the action, she knew and understood when she needed to step aside and listen, and let Jackson, Trace and Dare handle things. Woo hoo! A female lead that listens! Yes!Dare and Trace play an integral role in this book, helping Jackson find out who drugged him and eliminating the threat against Alani once and for all. I loved the camaraderie between all three of these strong, dangerous men. Both Trace and Dare being protective of Alani and Jackson getting the third degree regarding his intentions towards Alani created some humorous moments throughout the book. I found the situation hilarious and sweet especially when Trace accuses Alani of "fibbing". That made me laugh out loud; a skilled mercenary using the word "fibbing". Hilarious!Savor the Danger wraps up the major plot line involving Alani's kidnapping but leaves the door open for more storytelling with the introduction of two new characters, Arizona and Spence. And is it turns out, there will be a book 4 released in 2012.Savor the Danger is a fantastic read. Great characters, great dialog, humor, smex, action, suspense. It has everything you'd want in a romantic suspense. There was a perfect balance of romance and suspense. It is a great addition to the series. A must read!