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His Secret Temptation

His Secret Temptation - Cat Schield His Secret Temptation is a sweet, romantic read with a common premise that has a unique twist. Simon returns home from a business trip to find his maid sleeping in his bed. Simon and Caroline have been exchanging flirty notes ever since she started working for him. They've never run into each other in person so Simon was surprised to see that his maid was so sexy. Caroline is a law student who is juggling school and work. When she wakes up to find her employer staring down at her, she is mortified to be caught sleeping in his bed. Then Simon's ex-girlfriend shows up and Caroline finds herself agreeing to pretend to be Simon's fiancee for the holidays.I enjoyed His Secret Temptation a lot; more than I thought it would. Simon and Caroline's romance was sweet and I loved Simon's meddling family. Simon isn't the only one with a secret. Everyone in the family is hiding something in order to avoid ruining the holidays for his mother. Because this isn't a full-length novel, the romance moved at a fast pace but it didn't feel fake. A semi-relationship was already established between Simon and Caroline thanks to the flirty notes they left each other. Even though Simon and Caroline are clearly physically attracted to each other, I was happy to see that they showed some restraint before hopping into bed.If you're looking for a sweet, romantic story, I definitely recommend this book.