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The Angel

The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz Tiffany Reisz continues to knock it out of the park with the latest installment of the The Original Sinners series. If it's even possible, I liked The Angel even more than The Siren. And I loooved The Siren! Both books are my favorite reads of the year and Tiffany Reisz is definitely my favorite author of the year.A year has passed since the ending of The Siren. Soren and Nora are together, back in their D/s relationship. All is well until Soren is one of the candidates for the bishop. An anonymous fax sent to a report has her snooping around Soren. In order to protect his secret and Nora, Soren sends Nora and Michael to live with Griffin while he handles the nosey reporter. While at Griffin's country estate, Michael becomes Nora's protege and under the tutelage of Nora and Griffin, slowly comes out of his shell.The Angel is much lighter than The Siren. I was anxious and scared while reading The Siren thanks to boogeyman Soren. I didn't have that anxiousness while reading The Angel. We learn so much about Soren's past and it is not pretty. Soren does some things in this book that had me liking him. And I did not want to like him! He's not nearly as scary as he was in The Siren. Drats!The best scenes of The Angel are between Michael and Griffin and Nora. To see them together and to watch Michael slowly come into himself, was so amazing. Even though it could have been icky it wasn't. Why? Because Tiffany Reisz is such an amazing writer that you don't think about the age factor or the sex. It's all about the relationship and how these people care for each other.The Angel is more than just a novel about BDSM. It’s a story about love and the journey to finding love. This novel is wrought with emotion from start to finish and will pull at your heart strings. These characters are people who love each other who happen to have a BDSM relationship. That aspect of their relationship does not make their love invalid.There’s a lot of sex in The Angel (more than The Siren) and it’s hot and wonderfully written. But with that hot, steamy sex there is a wealth of emotion and connection between the characters and that is what makes The Angel so great.The Angel is extremely well written and I was completely invested in all the characters. You don’t expect an erotic novel to touch your heart but that’s exactly what The Angel did. When I finished, I had a tear in my eye (happy tears) and a smile on my face.