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The Theory of Attraction

The Theory of Attraction  - Delphine Dryden I honestly think there are not enough nerd heroes who are socially awkward yet sexy. When I think of nerds and rocket scientist, I immediately think of the guys from The Big Bang Theory. Not smooth with the ladies and socially, they're more comfortable talking about science and not the latest reality show.Ivan is Cami's sexy neighbor. They both work at the same University (so Cami is no slouch herself in the smarts department). I liked that Cami wasn't an air-headed bimbo. That she was able to communicate with Ivan on his level. When Ivan approaches Cami for lessons in social interaction, Cami sees this as an opportunity to get Ivan to see her as more than his neighbor. Ivan is more comfortable in the lab but also he's comfortable when he's in control. When Cami shows interest in being more than his tutor, Ivan decides that maybe these lessons are worth it.The Theory of Attraction got off to a great start. I love stories where the hero is nerdy. There are not enough nerds in romances. Ivan is so clueless and in his own world that it makes him extremely adorable...and sexy. The fact that he was growing tomatoes (even though he hates them) as an experiment gives you an idea of how Ivan's mind works. I really enjoyed Ivan and Cami's interaction as tutor and tutee. The book started to fail for me when Ivan and Cami's relationship became sexual. Cami went from a likable character to mildly annoying with a brief stay in barely tolerable. For her to be a smart girl, she became really insecure once her and Ivan became sexually involved. She's clueless about the BDSM world and instead of listening and learning, she popped off at the mouth a lot. And it annoyed me. The sex was hot and I felt that the sex scenes were well written. The story was wrapped up quickly (too quick) and I felt that Ivan and Cami needed to hash things out a little bit more. Overall, I enjoyed the story and hope to see more nerdy heroes in the future.