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Lean on Me (The Holloway Series)

Lean on Me (The Holloway Series) - HelenKay Dimon Overall a cute story that lost its steam halfway through the book. Cassidy has fallen on hard times and must return to her hometown, where she's not exactly welcomed after an interview she gave, making fun of Holloway, WV. Mitch had a crush (?) on Cassidy in high school, but Cassidy was a bit of a loner and didn't take Mitch asking her out seriously. So now that Cassidy is back, Mitch pounces on her, wanting to finally have that date. While Cassidy is trying to figure out her life, the entire town of Holloway hates her and is all up in her business. She even has a nickname, The Chosen, and it's not a compliment.Lean On Me started off strong. I thought Mitch was cute and sexy. Cassidy has a lot going on in her life so she's not exactly open for a relationship of any kind. What dragged the story down was the people of Holloway. A lot of CR are set in small towns because small towns are cute and the citizens are quirky. But the folks of Holloway were annoying, mean and down right rude. It wore me down and took away from the overall romance between Mitch and Cassidy. Lean On Me is not a full-length novel so the romance moves pretty fast. I guess that's why Mitch acted like they dated for years in high school instead of a guy who simply had a crush. Seriously, he was never her boyfriend and yet he acts like he has claim to her. That annoyed me as well.I was still liking Mitch until the very end. After defending Cassidy to everyone who bad mouthed her, he finally gives into the gossip and has a bit of doubt. Really? I felt that the conjured up conflict was unnecessary when he had zero doubt about her for most of the book!Lean on Me is a cute story and quick read. Didn't like the small town as the backdrop. The people weren't quirky. They were mean and judgmental busybodies! I suggest that Cassidy and Mitch move to a new town.2.5 stars