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Romancing the Holiday: We'll Be Home for ChristmasAsk Her at ChristmasThe Best Thing

Romancing the Holiday - Jaci Burton, HelenKay Dimon, Christi Barth, Angela James We'll Be Home For Christmas by HelenKay DimonWe're back in the small West Virginia town of Holloway. I swear this town needs to fall off the map. The people of Holloway are not nice and I find their nosey, gossiping ways a turn-off. These people are small-minded and just plain mean. Anyways, other than the setting of the story putting me off, I overall enjoyed it. Spencer uses his brother's name when he hooks up with Lila 3 months prior. When Lila runs into him and she realizes he lied, it's not pretty. The situation is handled with some humor. I really liked Lila's character. I felt that Spence's reasoning for not committing was a little weak and kind of a cop-out. At one point I thought he should have been punched in the face for telling Austin he didn't think his marriage was going to last.Overall, a good novella. Now if only the townsfolk of Holloway would go away...Rating: CThe Best Thing by Jaci BurtonMy favorite of the anthology, this novella had lots of hit and the characters held my interest from start to finish. I love Tori and her smart mouth and she is the perfect woman to go toe-to-toe with Brody Kent. This was the sexiest story of the anthology and I loved it.Rating: B+Ask Her At Christmas by Christi BarthI love the friends to lovers trope but it didn't work for me in this novella. I bought the friendship but not the lovers part. There was a connection that was missing for me with Kyle and Caitlin. I did not feel that spark. But it was a cute and sweet novella in the end.Rating: C