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Beauty and the Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club #2) - Jessica Clare I am in love with this series. I was hesitant to read the first book because it had 'billionaire' in the title and I kind of sworn off Billionaire books. But this series is so different from other Billionaire books out there. I'm so happy that I gave this series a chance.We met Hunter in the first book. He lives a pretty solitary life thanks to his scarred face. In book 1, when he spies on Gretchen and Bronte, he is immediately taken with Gretchen. He hears her say that she doesn't care about a man's looks and he figures that if she truly means that, Gretchen could be the woman for him. Hunter finds out everything he can about Gretchen and lures her to his house under false pretenses. I know this sounds creepy but it's really not. At least, I didn't think it was creepy.Gretchen is intrigued by the writing job that miraculously landed in her lap. When she arrives at Hunter's home, she's taken aback by how stark it is. His butler is not very cooperative and there aren't a bunch of servants running around. When Gretchen finally meets Hunter, it's not under the best circumstances and when she tries to apologize, she keeps making the situation worse. Gretchen slowly brings Hunter out of his shell and when she sees his face, she understands why he lives such a solitary life. Gretchen is intrigued by Hunter and wants to get to know him better, a lot better.I love the Beauty and the Beast spin of Beauty and the Billionaire. When I learned that Hunter was a virgin, I was immediately sold. Gotta love those virgin heroes. Hunter's virginity was handled realistically. He's no stud in the bed, he gets too excited a couple of times and pretty much doesn't know what to do. Gretchen's patience with him was sweet and sexy. She wasn't concerned about Hunter's looks. She wanted to be with him despite his looks.Hunter's wounds are not just on his face. Because of his scars he doesn't trust that someone like Gretchen would like him for him. Hunter and Gretchen's perfect life unravels when outside forces invade their cozy environment. The journey to an HEA is not an easy road for Gretchen and Hunter. Hunter has to learn to trust and Gretchen has to forgive Hunter.Beauty and the Billionaire is a great installment in this series. I loved Hunter and Gretchen. They are a great couple and loved their journey together. Can't wait to read the next book!If you haven't started reading this series yet, I highly recommend you do.