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Playing the Part (Entangled Brazen)

Playing the Part - Robin Covington Playing the Part is my first Robin Covington book and it won't be my last. First and foremost, I am so happy that the hero is biracial! I think this is the first biracial character (half black, half white) that I've read in mainstream romance. It makes ZERO sense that romance novels featuring people of color or where one of the main characters is of color have to have their own category. This is 2013 people!Mick is an an action start trying to transition to deeper roles. He's staring in the movie adaption of Piper's book. Mick is having a hard time with the emotion of the character so the production company brings in Piper to help Mick relate to the character. Piper is done with dating actors. After embarrassing herself and almost killing her career, Piper has worked hard to get herself back on track. But Mick has other plans. He is attracted to Piper and wants her for himself while Piper is working on the film. Piper sees nothing but trouble in Mick but she can't deny the attraction. What's the harm in having a fling with one of the hottest actors out there?I was sucked into the story from the start. Mick and Piper's sexual chemistry is off the charts! Mick is such a player but he's also very likable. He doesn't hide who or what he is. I liked that he mentions how difficult it has been as a biracial actor to get starring roles. That bit of information adds so much reality to the story.Mick and Piper together are very likable. And they have lots and lots of sex which makes sense because they're only having a fling, right? But this is contemporary romance so there's of course the HEA. But there are some bumps and hurdles that Piper and Mick must go through before they get there.Again, I loved Playing the Part. It's sexy and funny. I loved the characters. I am SO happy that the hero is biracial. Books that break the romance norm really stand out for me especially when they are so well-written. I could not put this book down. I'm looking forward to reading more from Ms. Covington.