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Daring the Player by Robin Covington

Dare To Love Series: Daring the Player (Kindle Worlds Novella) - Robin Covington

She’s nothing but trouble…and he can’t resist.

Raised by a pro football legend, Miami Thunder wide receiver Rep Grissom has a career most would envy. A toxic marriage with a party girl almost put him on the sidelines, but now he keeps his head down and makes the moves on the field that leave younger players in his dust. Now all he has to do is maintain the status quo and he’s guaranteed a lucrative new contract at an age when most guys are retiring.

Lola Corbin is used to leaving all the big boys in her rearview mirror. The lead singer in the worlds biggest rock band she fills up arenas and closes down the clubs but with the group on the brink of breaking apart her future is uncertain. Years spent on the road has left her with nothing at home except platinum records on the walls, an empty fridge and a cold bed. For the first time, she’s looking for something and someone beyond the spotlight.

When Lola’s first night in her condo ends with Rep breaking up a fight he realizes that temptation has moved in next door. Lola doesn’t usually go for the strong and serious types, but the more she sees of her neighbor, the more she wants. When a thank you dinner turns into dancing and a hot tryst in the back of the club their attraction cannot be denied. But when Lola-induced trouble results in a front-page-career-ending spectacle the player must decide if he’s going to be as daring with his heart as he is on the field.


I really enjoy this author's books and writing style. I guess I've been out of the romance loop because I had no idea she had a new release or what Kindle Worlds was. Daring the Player is a fun and sexy read. I usually don't like heroines who are under the age of 28 but I made an exception for Lola. But I still hate that it's now the standard that the heroine has to be so young while the hero is at least a decade older. Why can't a woman be in her 30s and why can't a hero date a woman his own age? Sheesh!


I liked how confidant Lola was. She knew what she wanted - Rep - and she wasn't afraid to admit it. She's loyal and dedicated to her friends. I guess there always have to be the inevitable incident that causes the H/H to have a falling out. For me Rep's reaction was SO over-the-top. Yes he's concerned about his reputation and new contract, but he acted like Lola purposely dragged him into her drama.


I really enjoyed Daring the Player and will definitely check out the other books in this Kindle World.