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#FitReaders Weekly Check-in: February 6

Hello FitReaders! I totally forgot to post an update last week. But honestly, there wasn't much to post. My foot is still on the mend. Plantar Fascitis is no joke. I've been wearing a compression sleeve, icing my foot and rolling it on a tennis ball. So far the combination of the 3 has helped a lot.


My goal for February is to get my foot back to 100% and get back on the half-marathon training. I won't be running the 13.1 in the Rock-n-Roll DC next month. I'm sad. But I'm going to change my distance to 5k and will still participate but a shorter distance.


Because I haven't been as active due to my foot issues, I have put on a couple of pounds. It is so hard to diet without exercise. I don't see how some people do it. I need those exercise calories so that I don't feel like I'm starving myself. It's nice having that safety net.


Here's to a healthy and less painful February.