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#FitReaders Weekly Check-in: January 23

This week sucked. Plain and simple. Wednesday evening, I was at the gym, getting ready to do my cardio assignment. My trainer designed a program to help increase my endurance. I'm walking at 3.0 mph - warming up - when a I feel a sharp pain in the arch of my left foot. The pain went away and I kept walking. When I increased the speed the pain was off and on for about 5 minutes and then it was constant. It would not be ignored. I ended up hobbling off the treadmill (I completed my 20 minutes first. Probably not a good idea). By the time I got home, I was dragging my left foot because I could not put any pressure on it.


I texted my trainer Thursday morning. She told me to freeze a water bottle and roll my arch over it for 30 seconds. Then she wanted me to walk on my heels for 12 steps and then walk on my toes for 12 steps. When I walked on my toes I literally screamed. So. Much. Pain.


Anyway the pain finally eased up on Friday. I was able to attend my Saturday training session. My cardio consisted of the recumbent bike (boring!) 


I now have to ease back into things which totally sucks. I hate setbacks but I know that returning to my normal routine too fast will cause more problems.


No C25k training. No running group. No 10 miles in a week. Not even getting close to 10k steps. Nada.


So yeah....this week sucked.