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Review: Burned by Karen Marie Moning



ICED was released on October 20, 2012. We've waited 2 1/2 years for the release of Burned. The release date kept getting pushed back and then KMM told us that the direction of the series is changing. No longer were we getting a trilogy featuring Dani as the main protagonist and then 2 Mac and Barrons books after. Mac and Barrons are now front and center again starting with Burned. At first I was happy. I love Mac and Barrons...mainly Barrons. I will admit I haven't liked Dani when she first appeared on the scene. But I was willing to deal with her trilogy if it meant moving the Fever World forward. I was okay with Dani being 14. I wasn't in a hurry for her to become an adult just so that she could have all the sex with Ryodan. I did think it would be tough to have a 14 year old as the heroine in such a dark and sexy urban fantasy. She has grown ass men lusting after her. It's gross and it's illegal. But I was gonna roll with it.


To say I was worried about how Burned was going to turn out is an understatement. But I love KMM. I love the Fever series. This is the only series that I reread before every new release. It's my crack. I love taking the journey every single time as if it's my first.


Burned started off awesome with a flashback to one of Mac and Barrons' first encounters. It's hot. It's sexy. It's what Mac and Barrons is all about. He does whatever he wants and she gets pissed because she feels she should have a say. 


The first 20-25% was good. I was engaged waiting for the first big thing to happen. And it did. And then after that, it kind of faltered. Then it fizzled. Then it was just....flat.


The main issue I had with Burned was having Mac as the main POV. I love Mac but in Burned, it was like she had regressed. She was Mac 1.0 again. She was sooooo emo. And whiny and wimpy and just an all around wuss! What the hell? I didn't go on this journey of 5 books for Mac to regress into the pink princess she was before.


The manufactured between Mac and Barrons....ugh! And why? Just let them be! Haven't they been through enough??


The highlight of Burned was Ryodan, Lor and the Nine. Can they have a spin-off series please?


I was so underwhelmed and disappointed by Burned. Maybe this series should have ended with Shadowfever. I don't want to see one of my favorite series lose it's luster. Supposedly the next book in the series, Feverborn, this year. I will be reading it because I love this series and hopefully Burned was a fluke. I hope the series get back to what made me love it so much.