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Forever Starts Tonight by Roni Loren

I love novellas that follow up with my favorite characters. I feel like it’s a Where Are They Now? for romance novels. I loved Evan, Jace and Andre in Melt Into You and if any couple deserved a follow up, it was them.

Like many relationships, after awhile, mundane everyday life gets in the way and that’s what has happened to this triad. Add in the fact that Evan is working way too much and running herself ragged, Jace decides that the trio needs a romantic getaway for rest, relaxation and sex.

Each character is dealing with their own issues regarding their atypical relationship. While working as Evan’s fill-in assistant at a wedding, Andre runs into his ex-fiancee, Martine. Seeing Martine reminds Andre that he had dreams of marriage, a house and kids. Can he have that with Jace and Evan? Evan is dealing with a pregnancy scare and her own past as a pregnant teen. Jace wants his two lovers to feel safe and secure in their relationship so he comes up with the idea of the romantic getaway.

As much as I loved revisiting this trio, there was something missing. I felt like Forever Starts Tonight was heavy on the sex scenes but light on the plot. The introduction of Martine could have really been a great plot device to force Ev, Jace and Andre to fortify their relationship, for them to show a united front against the world. I wanted Dre to confront Martine with Ev and Jace and show her that he’s happy. None of that happened. It was kind of a let down.

Forever Starts Tonight was a quick read. I like the characters. I just wanted something…more. Loved the sex scenes between Jace and Andre. Evan could have stayed in the bed. LOL!

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