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Simply Irresistible (Lucky Harbor Series #1)

Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis I immediately loved Maddie when she almost ran over Jax, had salt-and-vinegar potato chips plucked from her body by sexy Jax who she almost killed and tried to fake a phone call and have her phone ring while she was on said phone call. All of this happened by page 6. Maddie’s life is in shambles. She packed up what was left of her life in L.A. and moved to Lucky Harbor to try and start over. Her flaky mother, Phoebe, suddenly died and left Maddie and her two half sisters an inn. Maddie sees this as a fresh beginning. She can fix up the Lucky Harbor Resort and run it. She’ll finally have set down some roots. Unfortunately her sisters – Tara and Chloe- have other ideas.Maddie is known as “The Mouse”. Being the middle child, she wants to please everybody. Maddie wants to keep the Resort. She doesn’t want to sell it once its remodel. Her sisters, The Steel Magnolia (Tara) and The Wild Child (Chloe) want to remodel, sell and go back to their own lives. Too bad for Maddie that Maddie doesn’t have a life to go back to. Her new life is tied up in the Resort and it’s up to her to convince her sisters to give the Inn a chance. While dealing with the delicate relationship that she has with her sisters, Maddie is immediately attracted to the guy she almost ran over, Jax. Jax is hot, sexy, and one smooth talker. He’s also sweet and sees that Maddie has a hard time fighting for what she wants. He encourages her to stick to her guns and fight. Simply Irresistible has humor, heat, and heart. There’s instant attraction between Jax and Maddie. Maddie is a woman you can relate to. Maddie makes a fool of herself in about every situation she’s in. She’s comedic without even trying. She’s not super-model thin. When she’s stressed, she munches on potato chips and knits, even though she’s terrible at it. She’s awkward around men. She has a tendency to put her foot in her mouth, especially when she’s around Jax. Jax is one smooth-talking, sexy man. Any woman in their right mind would be flustered around him. I had a smile on my face the entire time I was reading Simply Irresistible. I love romance with humor and there was plenty of it. Is it wrong that I was laughing so hard during the Izzy the dog farting scene and that I had tears in my eyes? Yeah, fart jokes get me every time. It is hilarious. And what a way to kill the mood! Bad Izzy!Maddie is trying hard to get her life together but she must stand up to the obstacles that are in her way. Maddie stumbles, takes missteps in her relationship with Jax. She no longer trusts her judgment when it comes to men but Jax proves that he won’t be pushed away so easily. There is plenty of chemistry between Maddie and Jax. Jax isn't going to ignore the obvious attraction and chemistry he has with Maddie. He understands she's at a crossroads in her life and maybe the last thing she needs is a relationship but he doesn't walk away. Though she tries to push him away because she’s done with men, he doesn’t give up. He gives her the space she thinks she needs and gently and effortlessly pulls her in.Simply Irresistible is a fantastic read. I love that Maddie is fumbling her way through life with determination and fervor. She is determined to no longer be "The Mouse". Jax is the sexy and understanding hero who has is own issues about his past that he has to deal with. Simply Irresistible has everything you could want in a romance novel - humor, sexual chemistry, dysfunctional sister dynamic and supportive friends. Throw in the nosey townswoman named Lucille and a lazy mutt who farts and you have a romantic comedy in the making!The second book, The Sweetest Thing, will be released in April 2011. I can’t wait because I absolutely LOVED Jax’s friend, Ford. We learn in Simply Irresistible that Tara and Ford have a past, a juicy and perhaps sad one. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!