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Tarnished Knight (Grimm's Circle #4) - Shiloh Walker really 3.5 I wished Goodreads would get with the program and allow 1/2 star ratings!!!Have you ever wondered the origin of the fairy tales that we know so well? The Grimm is a new twist on classic fairy tales. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Tarnished Knight. This is book 4 of Grimm Circle and worried I would need to have read the other 3 to be able to follow the plot. I was worried for nothing!When Perci is sent to train Jack, the last thing she wants is to be attracted to him. But there's something about him that speaks to her. Her marriage to Luc has long since been over but they continue to hold on to each other, not caring that by doing so, they are continually hurting each other by not letting go of the past. Perci can not deny the attraction that she feels towards Jack. Jack is not Grimm but he's too powerful and fast to be solely human. He knows too much about them. There's also the fact that Jack feels like he knows Perci from before. The attraction between Jack and Perci is mutual and explosive. There's no sweet whispers and gentle touches. Their coming together was rough, hard and demanding. Both are emotionally broken but they find comfort and solace in each other. Perci isn't looking for love but can't deny that what she feels for Jack is something that she hasn't felt in a very long time.Tarnished Knight is not your ordinary fairy tale. It's sexy and emotional. The characters are broken and wounded. Perci and Jack heal those wounds where they least expected to find it - in each other's arms.I definitely want to read the first 3 books in the series and look forward to reading more about the Grimm. I hope Luc gets his HEA. He deserves it!