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Take Me Down (Erotic Me, #1) - Lauren Hawkeye Take Me Down is a sexy quick read that will have your panties in a bunch in less than 30 minutes. Evie and Luke have a sexy encounter in the kitchen involving a pitcher of cold water that is so sexy and hot, that I wouldn't be surprised if steam was coming out my ears. Because this is a short story, very little back story is given but with that said, it is easy to dive into the sexual attraction between the main characters. The story is told in 1st person, Evie's point of view. But we don't miss out on the sexiness that is Luke. What little dialog there is, is hot. Luke is a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. Evie is not the most confident person but she feels sexy and confident when she's in Luke's arms.Take Me Down packs a lot of punch in just 20 pages. If you're looking for a hot, quick read then I highly recommend this story.