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Hero of My Heart: A Loveswept Historical Romance

Hero of My Heart: A Loveswept Historical Romance - Megan Frampton Hero of My Heart is a story about two people who come together and save each other.Historical romances are hit or miss for me. Hero of My Heart was an enjoyable read that fell a little flat in the middle and towards the end. Alasdair buys Mary who is being auctioned off by her brother. Alasdair isn't a dashing hero, at first. He's addicted to opium and is slowly killing himself. They are on the run from Mary's brother and Alasdair's cousin. While on the run, Mary and Alasdair fall for each other. Alasdair protects Mary from her brother and Mary helps Alasdair with his opium addiction.Hero of My Heart is an engaging story for the most part. I did feel that Alasdair's opium addiction was handled a little too cleanly. We aren't told how long he was on opium and how many pills he took a day, but I'm pretty sure he was a heavy user. So I don't think that an opium addict would be able to 'clean' after a day or two of non-use. It also wasn't clear what caused Alasdair to turn to opium. Was it his time as an soldier? Was it his brother's death? Was it his wife's death? I wished that the addiction aspect was more fleshed out.I felt that the ending was too rushed. Of course, there's the inevitable conflict and misunderstanding that separates Alasdair and Mary. When they finally come together and reconcile, the book ends. I was hoping for an epilogue or something due to the abrupt ending.Overall I enjoyed Hero of My Heart despite the few issues I had with it.