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A Vampire's Salvation (Beyond Human #1) - Virna DePaul A Vampire's Salvation is a the first novella of the Beyond Human series and was originally released in 2011. I normally like everything this author writes but I had a hard time getting into this story and connecting with the characters.Jake Rios is a 200 year old vampire. If he doesn't find his true mate and bond with her by the time he turns 201, he will die...for real. Jake thinks he has found his mate in Frankie. Frankie is attracted to Jake and has been lusting after him from afar. They've worked together for six months but neither one has made a move. Due to a trauma from her past, Frankie is hesitant to be in a relationship but she's more than willing to have a one-night stand. But Jake wants more than that and while he's trying to convince Frankie that they could be more, both of their lives are in jeopardy from someone in Frankie's past.I honestly didn't enjoy this book at all. I felt that Frankie was a little too quick to accept the fact that Jake is a vampire especially since the preternaturals are not out in the open. Because this is a novella, I felt that everything was rushed. There wasn't enough world-building and character development. I think I would have liked this more if it was full length. With the way the story ended, I'm assuming there's more to come but will it feature new characters or Jake and Frankie? Because I feel like their story is not finished.