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Tangled - Emma Chase It's rare when a romance book is told from the hero's POV. That's what made me buy Tangled. I read the blurb and skimmed a few reviews and decided to give Drew a chance. Let me just say I thoroughly enjoyed this book.Drew Evans is an asshole. He's a womanizer. He's good-looking and he knows it. He talks bad about women. Calls his older sister The Bitch and is an overall douche canoe. But I like him! I liked him so much. Sure some of the things he said made me cringe but then he also made me laugh. But his honesty and self-deprecating humor makes him likable even when he's being assholish.Drew can have any woman he wants except for Kate Brooks. After coming onto her at a bar, Drew finds out the next day that Kate is the new employee at his dad's company. Drew has a rule: He doesn't fuck where he works. Plus Kate is engaged. So Kate is off-limits. But then they are forced to work together and their relationship becomes tense and competitive as they work to win an account. Their fighting is hilarious and reminds me of the movie "War of the Roses." The insults thrown and the attempts to sabotage the other adds some hilarious moments to the story. During all this, despite that Kate could be a threat to Drew professionally Drew is drawn to Kate even more. He's not only attracted to her physically but he's also attracted to her ambition, her mind and her work dedication.Kate has been engaged to her high school sweetheart for 10 years. She is aware of Drew's reputation and knows to steer clear. But when her hatred of Drew turns into passion, Kate knows she must keep her distance. But Drew makes it impossible because he shows Kate a different kinder side when he's not annoying the hell out of her."I can take a joke," she tells me, sounding insulted."Yeah? When?""When it's not being delivered by a childish jackass who thinks he's God's gift to women.""I am not childish."God's gift on the other hand? My record speaks for itself.The saying "there's a thin line between love and hate" definitely applies to Drew and Kate's relationship. Their fiery arguments consists of insults and passionate kissing. Kate is a smart woman. She's strong. She knows that Drew is no-good but there's something about him that she can't resist. Drew is unapologetic about who he is. He celebrates it. Brags about it. He's a douche. But he also loves his niece and this is one of his BIG redeeming qualities. When his niece, Mackenzie, tells him she wants to be a princess and wants to marry a prince, Drew quickly tells her she can be a CEO of her own company and doesn't need a prince to rescue her. I love that! And I totally agree with his stance on cats.I hate cats. They're kind of evil-looking, don't you think? Like they're just waiting for you to fall asleep so they can smother you with their fur or piss in your ear.Even though Drew is a womanizing asshole, I liked reading the story in his POV. He's entertaining and pulls no punches. He had me laughing when I probably shouldn't have and that made him even more likable. I felt like he was taking me on a journey and I enjoyed the ride.I did have a love/hate relationship with Drew while reading Tangled but by the end of the book, I loved him. He falls in love - madly, deeply in love. He becomes the kind of man that he used to make fun of. Drew goes through great lengths to prove his love to Kate. Drew definitely redeems himself in the end. I highly recommend this book. If you can handle Drew asshole-ness knowing that he is redeemed in the end, I say go buy Tangled now!