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Tangled Past (Tangled)

Tangled Past (Tangled) - Leah Braemel I was pleasantly surprised by Tangled Past. It is not your typical menage story. Set in the late 1800s, the novella deals with the taboo subject of homosexuality and threesomes. Sarah is forced to marry Jackson Kellar, a ranch hand. Ever since her mother died, her life with her father and brother has been less than ideal. Although she doesn't want to marry and live with a complete stranger, maybe Sarah's new life with Jackson will be better than her current life on the McLeod ranch.Jackson and Sarah's marriage gets off to a bumpy start due to misunderstandings and preconceived notions. Jackson thinks that Sarah would be better off with Nate as a husband because Jackson doesn't have anything to offer her. Sarah hopes that she can be a good wife to Jackson and to be able to fulfill his needs in and out of the bedroom.Tangled Past is a more than just a menage story. The author does a great job of dealing with the emotions of each of the characters - Jackson's feelings of not being adequate enough for his new bride and his lingering feelings for Nate. Nate is envious of Jackson's new life. What he wouldn't give to be in Jackson's shoes. And Sarah, who wants nothing more than to be a good wife for Jackson but sometimes feel like she's the third wheel in the relationship.Tangled Past is full of sexy, hot scenes and most of them are between Jackson and Sarah. Even though the novella is described as a menage, the focus through most of the plot is the individual relationships that the characters have with each other. The story and characters kept me engaged. I felt that towards the end the resolution felt a bit rushed and would have liked if it was fleshed out more. But other than that, I felt that Tangled Past was a great read.