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Karma (Serendipity Series #3)

Karma - Carly Phillips Dare is the youngest of the Barron brothers and I think his book has been the most anticipated. We learned some of Dare's secrets in the previous book that shed some light on the younger Barron. Dare isn't the carefree brother that everyone thinks he is. He has been living with secrets and a guilt that he has been unable to shake.I didn't know what to expect when I started reading Karma. I knew that we would learn more about Dare and his feelings about being at the party the night Stuart Rossman died and his hand in not doing anything to help Stuart. What I wasn't expecting was for Liza to have her own deep, dark secrets and emotional issues that made navigating a relationship with Dare rocky and difficult. In this aspect, the shared emotional grief that both Dare and Liza were going through made them a great match as a couple. But it also made the book a hard read at times for me.I loved Dare since the first book and liked him even more in this one. Even when he was perceived as being an ass, I was always on his side because honestly, I felt the same way as Dare in regards to Liza constantly bailing out her brother, Brian. Liza was a character that I could not warm up to. She is used to being on her own and people not coming through for her. And she feels like her brother's behavior affects her socially in the small time which is why when she wants to blow off some steam, she heads to Manhattan to hang with her friends from college.Liza isn't an easy character to like in my opinion. Despite everything she has gone through, I couldn't feel too much sympathy for her because her personality was not there. With the previous heroines, I felt some connection with them, but with Liza, I felt that there was something missing. There is always a personality trait of a character that you can focus on and say, "I love that this character is this." I didn't feel that way about Liza. Other than the sexual chemistry she had with Dare, I felt that there was nothing there. I'd rather she be a rich snob who thought that wouldn't give Dare the time of day because he's a cop than have her be a cold fish who thinks that Dare was going to dip out on her at the drop of a hat. I understand her feelings because her parents sucked but I wanted something more from her, and I wasn't getting it.Karma wasn't my favorite book of the series but it was definitely the steamiest. Despite their issues, Dare and Liza have smoking, hot sexual chemistry. I loved how everything came together in the end. I am a huge fan of an epilogue. I love seeing where everyone ends up after the initial HEA. I am so excited that the series will be continuing, featuring the cops of Serendipity.I definitely recommend this series. I love the Barron brothers and Ms. Phillips knows how to write a great story centered around a broken family that finds their way back to each other.